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With world-class facilities and a team of highly qualified music educators, we provide an exceptional learning experience for our students. Our academy is situated in the heart of Hong Kong, making it convenient for students to get to and from their classes.We offer a variety of music courses, including Kathak, folk and vocal, so there is something for everyone.

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Learn Kathak, Folk, and Vocal with Surtaal Academy's Expert Teacher

Surtaal Academy is a haven for budding artists and creative professionals to grow as individuals rather than just a music school. We value individuality and uniqueness, promote creative thinking, and appreciate a variety of artistic mediums. It is irrelevant how you study, what you play, or how you appear.
While promoting creativity, we provide a wide variety of courses. Surtaaal Academy is a unit where knowledgeable professors support and guide students as they push the boundaries of their specific fields, such as vocal, dance, and art. It is a source of supplying power for channelling the kid’s talents.

Our Courses

Our Course Program

At Surtaal Academy, we provide a variety of courses to help students acquire the abilities to learn about music and art on a lifetime basis, both as participants and as spectators. Additionally, we teach students how to create and implement lesson plans that explicitly state the goal and purpose of each lesson.

Kathak Dance

One of the most well-known and exciting of the Indian classical dances is called Kathak. It has been around since the third and fourth centuries and is taught and done by people of all ages.

Folk Dance

The term folk dance was accepted until the mid-20th century. folk dancing is usually accompanied by folk music and often reflects the national, cultural or social identity of the people who dance it. It can be danced solo, in pairs, in groups or by whole communities.


Hindustani classical music is the classical music of northern regions of the Indian subcontinent. It may also be called North Indian classical music or, in Hindustani, shastriya sangeet.

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What Our Students Say

Surtaal Hindustani Vocal Classes never gets old, and the teachers are all wonderful people. I’ve had a lot of fun over the past few years there. I hope that they continue spreading music throughout the world.

    Devin Mueller
    Devin Mueller


    Since the last six months, my children have taken singing lessons at the Surtaal Academy. Due to a skilled team and established curriculum, their musical abilities have greatly increased over time.

      Dave Beech
      Dave Beech


      Surtaal Academy Kathak Classes for more than two years and it has been the best investment in after school training that we have made. Thank you Surtaal Academy Classes for time well spent.

        Xavier Mcfarla
        Xavier Mcfarla


        Surtaal Academy has a great team of dancers who are extremely talented and have been teaching for many years. The dance program is very well structured and my kids have grown tremendously over the past six months. Thanks to the Surtaal Academy, my kids have developed a great passion for dancing.

          Ailish Whittle
          Ailish Whittle